Importance of Web Design

Importance of Web Design What Does A Good Web Design Do For You? In the modern digital world websites plays vital role in enhancing business by connecting new customers from around the world. A website allows customers to access company and products information and thus can reach a very wide market within a short period of time. That is why a website is undeniably es [...]

Welcome to WordPress Essential Traini...

Welcome to WordPress Essential Training introduction, you will find out that WordPress is used to power millions of websites all over the world. There are many website design themes that you can incorporate into your WordPress installation.

Creating Content

Write about what you know. Understand that your business has a specific topic and target audience.¬†Seeds of inspiration: Answer customer’s questions. Ask questions. Write tips, tricks and tutorials about using your products. Comment on news items. Quote others and contribute your own view.

SEO and Sharing

Focusing of search engine optimization of your website for sharing should be your first priority. Much of this SEO will improve your search engine results pages (SERPs) and in most cases it has more to do with good writing.

Why Blog For Business?

Using WordPress with good web design and blogging makes the sharing of thoughts and ideas easily and freely. It can become a trusted source of information for your customers by sharing valuable insights with them and also achieving higher search engine results.

Welcome To WordPress For Business

This video will help you to prepare for and develop a strategy for creating a blog for a business. Blogging can be a useful marketing tool for any businesses.

WordPress Dashboard

A WordPress installation has two main parts. The frontend which is what the public sees and the backend or dashboard which you use to write your articles, post images, videos and control the look (Web Design) and functionality of your website.

Selecting a WordPress Theme

The first step to customising your WordPress Web Design is to pick a website theme for your WordPress installation.

What is the Difference Between WordPr...

There is often a term confusion when people start using WordPress. WordPress is an Opensource free software where you can host on a web hosting server. is the website where you can download WordPress. is a cloud service for hosting wordpress.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is so much more than a simple blogging system. It has evolved into a full fledged CMS (Content Management System) which is very powerful. Yet it is very simple to use. Its features are endless.